Extra mural Activities

Carefully chosen extra mural activities form part of our weekly programme and enhance the development of the child as a whole. The following activities are available during the course of the morning at an extra cost as charged by the independent service providers. Children participating in these optional activities do not lose out on any other programmes run by the school as these take place during free play periods.


“Clay”zy crafts 4 kidz:

Presented by Heather Els of Pinetops Pottery

Children enjoy and discover the soft, responsive sensory qualities of the raw and earthy appeal of clay while they create beautiful, handcrafted one-of-a-kind creations.




Stepahead Dance Academy presented by Linda Mills

Baby steps to “big ballet’ classes include creative movement, mime posture and movement to music while having loads of fun!


Presented by Tracey Mair

Little Champs is a unique programme that offers an active play environment where body movement can contribute to the development of the intellectual, physical and emotional well being of your child. Various large and fine motor skills are developed while integrated muscle co-ordination, balance, spatial skills, social skills, self-esteem and confidence development also forms part of our weekly programme.



Presented by Anthea Erasmus

An Educational science program that uses experiments to show young children that the world of science can be fun by means of interactive projects, exciting demonstrations and basic experimants.



Presented by Melody Johnson

This therapeutic program aimed at increasing brain stimulation through interaction with singing, movement, listening and playing simple instruments which stimulate the natural creativity of a child.