Empowering Yourself

As teachers we are often faced with scenarios where a child displays certain behaviour or learning problems and it is our task to identify the reasons and causes for it and to establish what can be done to assist the child and parents to improve or overcome these problem areas. We are therefore constantly researching and improving ourselves by attending various seminars and courses. This section is part of our vision to empower you as parents and in doing so help your children.

Comminication is one of the most important areas of development that contribute to a happy, successful and confident child and therefore much focus should be placed on your child's speech and language development. Too often we unknowingly "cause" or assist speech problems by allowing detrimental actions such as sucking a dummy far beyond the suggested 18 month age period, using baby language when comunicating with our todlers, speaking on behalf of our children, nurturing baby language and not correcting "cute" incorrect pronunciations. How is your child doing? As parents you are often used to your child's speech and do not really realise how bad it actually is. Can fairly unknown people understand your child when they communicate with him or her? Often speech impairments run hand in hand with various other developmental difficulties and a combination of therapy should be considered. One such area, Dyspraxia, is clearly explained in the You tube link and many other helpful activities for various speech problems can be found on www.mommyspeechtherapy.com or you can contact your local speechtherapists for assistance.