Busy Bees Pre-School Classes

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2 turning 3 year olds - Pooh and Friends

Pooh and friends is a small group of only 15 children who are 2 years already turning 3 during the year. Having such a small class ensures individual attention and makes the transition from home to school easier. The carefully constructed, daily programme ensures daily routine, but also allows for flexibility, making this class fun and informal. — Learn More

3 turning 4 year olds - Fireflies and Owls

Moving forward from the toddler group to the middle class is made easier with the number of children only increasing to 18. The children are given both opportunities and age-appropriate responsibilities to not only develop important skills, but also their independence. — Learn More

4 turning 5 year olds - Bumble and Honey Bees

Our vision is to prepare the children for "big" school and all the demands it places on the young children. Recent studies have proved emotional intelligence to be the main contributing factor to success in any person's school career, occupation and life in general. It is therefore natural that we create many opportunities throughout our daily routine for this age group to develop the former. — Learn More