2 turning 3 Year Olds - Pooh and Friends

Fine motor skills are developed with the aid of cutting and threading exercises and building puzzles. Every week a new theme is presented where children are exposed to general knowledge and encouraged to discuss (in a non-threatening environment) topics regarding the theme, during our morning ring, building self-esteem and confidence.

Children in the Pooh and Friends class are exposed to a variety of media, including and not exclusively, play dough, paint, crayons, chalk, pastels and a firm favourite, glue and glitter. Every third Friday, children thoroughly enjoy baking, woodwork or movement lessons, of which the end products they are very proud of and enjoyed. The development of social skills are encouraged by modelling socially acceptable behaviour and assisting in the re-enforcement of social norms, like sharing, taking turns and saying “sorry”.

Pooh and Friends is a great start to school. By the end of the year we strive to have equipped all the children in our class to successfully move on to the next exciting phase of development and happy life at Busy Bees Pre-School!